Brilliant Lighting Design was formed in 1995 as a sole proprietorship and was later incorporated in 2000. From the beginning, BLD has focused on the exterior façade lighting of buildings, bridges and landscape. This niche market was selected both from the personal interest of Robert Daniels, the principal; and the absence of other competitant designers.

Façade lighting of buildings requires an extreme competence in understanding architectural design, total familiarity of difference lighting sources and the ability to engineer the design into reality.

Brilliant Lighting Design has received more lighting design awards than any other lighting design firm in the State of Florida. We received the Illuminating Engineering Society’s Paul Waterbury International Award of Excellence” in 1999 for the lighting of the 48 story Colpatria Tower in Bogota Colombia and in 2003 for the Golden Moon Casino. This is the highest award given the Lighting Society.

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