Brilliant Lighting Design is proud to have our mark on some of the most beautifully decadent modern casinos and lounges. We are based in Miami, Florida, but our interior lighting design can be seen in elegant lounges and modern casinos in many different states and countries. We like to create a special ambiance for those who are traveling to these luxury destinations and even those who come in from the surrounding local areas for the exciting experience offered by these attractions.

Our Crown Casino design makes this Panama City establishment glow with grandeur. The delicate, white lights create a classy fairytale aesthetic to guests’ fun night on the town. Philadelphia, Mississippi, is home to the Golden Moon Casino. Colorful lights with gestural lines and shapes make you feel like you’re on another planet all with the comfort of never having to leave Earth.

Lavish, beautiful and full of personality are just a few ways of describing the lighting design at Panama City’s Jester Lounge. Colorful geometric shapes are accentuated by numerous reflective surfaces, creating a marvelous environment that visitors can bask in. If you are in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, the lighting design at the Libertine is simple, classic and complements the geometry of this gorgeous lounge.

Brilliant Lighting Design creates diverse decor, and can design the perfect complementary lighting to highlight the architecture of any interior. It truly makes the difference in your guests’ nightlife experience. To learn more, call us today at 305-751-7200.

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