If you’re looking for a way to highlight the appeals and architecture of your hotel or condo building, Brilliant Lighting Design offers exciting building lighting design and illumination for the exteriors of these locations that creates tasteful appeal and inviting pageantry.

Our exterior designs can be seen on many hotels and condos here in the Miami, Florida, region, as well as in other states and countries around the world.

The Biscayne Bay Sheraton Hotel in Miami has been illuminated by colorful festive lights in shades of green and red to classic white. It is a simple design at a glance, yet offers a pretty and memorable sight. Miami’s Blue and Green Diamond Condo features two pyramidal towers that glow with pleasing shades of blue and green, making a unique reflection on the waters of a balmy Florida night.

Philadelphia, Mississippi, is home to the Golden Moon Hotel, which bursts with life when the sun goes down. The building’s exterior looks like a dazzling lunar city, and is truly a spectacle to behold that leaves the hotel’s guests in awe. Miami’s Il Villagio Condo, on the other hand, features a large exterior wall in the center of the building. It’s a plain enough wall by day, but when the sun sets it becomes our canvas, lighting up aglow with beams of multicolored lights, imbuing this ordinary building with extraordinary spirit and splashes of exotic color.

Hotel and condo building lighting design is only the surface of the illumination capabilities of Brilliant Lighting Design. Our diverse lighting has often been referred to many patrons, tenants and customers, as pure art, and we can help bring enchanting light to your building. Give us a call at 305-751-7200 and let’s get started designing a unique lighting design for your hotel or condo building today!

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