Mission Statement

With architects producing buildings that are more challenging every year, lighting designers must provide the support to illuminate these new designs with even greater imagination and quality engineering.  At Brilliant Lighting Design our goal is twofold.  We will create master designs of even more spectacular creativity.  We will integrate the latest lighting technology into them to provide greater energy efficiency and maintainability.  Our lighting design will enhance and maximize the value of your project.

As a fee based, independent lighting designer, we will work for the client to provide artistic creativity with new and unique design solutions. Using our extensive engineering knowledge of not only lighting, but also structural design and aerospace manufacturing techniques we can provide results beyond compare.  As past chairman of the Illuminating Engineering Society’s Committee on Building and Bridge Façade lighting we have access to the greatest possible information on new materials and effects.

What further separates Brilliant Lighting Design from other lighting designers is our integrity to find the optimum solutions for our clients’ needs.  We not only create design solutions, we monitor the project from beginning to the end of construction to insure that today’s highly technical lighting equipment is properly installed.   We have received the 2005 Architecture Lighting award for the Best Project on a Low Budget, further demonstrating our interest in putting the Client best interest first.

Lastly, we have demonstrated year after year the ability to produce some of the best lighting designs in the world.  As judged by lighting experts, we have received 27 international and national lighting design awards in the last 15 years.  A feat equal by only a handful of lighting designers in the world!

Project Portfolio