1996 Lighting Dimensions magazine, Nov. issue ”Olympic Achievements”
1997 LD + A magazine, June issue “Location, Location, Location”
1998 Axxis magazine, September issue “Hagase la Luz” (See the Light)
1998 Lighting Dimensions magazine, Nov. issue “A Bank of Lights”
1999 Bridge Builder magazine, June issue “Does Your Bridge Exist at Night?”
1999 Bridge Builder magazine, August issue “Façade Lighting for Every Type of Bridge”
2000 LD + A magazine, April issue “Lighting of the Torre Colpatria”
2000 Architectural Lighting magazine, June issue “Façade Lighting Design”
2000 Architectural Lighting magazine, (Cover Picture) August issue “Purple Haze”
2001 Archi-Tech magazine, July-August issue “Night Lighting”
2001 Lighting Dimensions magazine, June issue “Divine Light”
2002 LD + A magazine, March issue “Magenta Moon over Miami”
2002 Landscape Architect magazine (COVER PICTURE), April issue “Lighting Tropical Plants”
2003 Lighting Dimensions magazine, (COVER PICTURE) August issue “Choctaw Chic”
2004 Lighting Dimensions magazine, September issue “A MAN, A PLAN, A BRIDGE”

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